Artillery Radar System ARTHUR

The Czech military have been equipped with 3 units of the ARTHUR, which is an up-to-date mobile means for the detection and positioning of enemy artillery to enable early warning for own and friendly forces.

The mobile radio location and detection system ARTHUR (ARTillery HUnting Radar) was developed by the Ericsson Company, Sweden, during the 1990s. Because the chassis of the Bv206 off-road tracked two-part vehicle is in use with the system, it has high heavy terrain passability characteristics and is air transportable.


The ARTHUR system is used, in addition to Sweden, in the armed forces of Denmark, Norway and the UK. Due to its qualities it was chosen also for the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic signed a contract for delivery of this artillery system with the Ericsson Spol. s r.o., Czech Republic, on 22 December 2004.

ARTHUR's job

As a ground radar system, ARTHUR searches for flying artillery shells, tracks their trajectories for several seconds and, based on data received, provides not only the location of the shell’s impact, but also the site, from which it was fired. ARTHUR also locates sites of firing mortars and rocket launchers.

ARTHUR's potential

According to the mode used, the system’s working range can be up to 10, 20 or 40 kilometres. The system can monitor more than 100 targets a minute; in its search mode the system can simultaneously track up to eight flying shells, locate the firing site and transfer the gathered data to friendly firing platforms, to include air force assets. The ARTHUR system is also capable of coordinating the fires of friendly assets by tracking the trajectories of shells in the final phase of flight. It can identify relatively small shells and is able to distinguish between shells and birds.

The crew is normally composed of an operator and a tactical officer, but the system is capable of being controlled by only one person. Radar data are automatically transferred to the command post.

Quantity, Delivery, Price

According to the contract, the Ericsson Company will supply three operational units of the system, one training unit, logistic support, and all training of Czech personnel. Servicing will run from 2005 - 2009. The contract exceeds 1.5 billion Czech Crowns and is supported by an offset programme worth 100% of the contract value.

Deliveries were made during 2006 and 2007. The first unit was delivered in September 2006, and the rest of two units in 2007. After training by specialists of the Swedish manufacturer Ericsson Microwave Systems, the ARTHUR has been placed to the 13th Artillery Brigade at Jince. The ARTHUR radar system has a lifetime of 20 years.

System Carrier

The ARTHUR radar system, when used by the Czech military, has been mounted on the chassis of TATRA 815 26WR45 4x4 with segmented detachable cabin, which enables its air transport by C-130 aircraft.

Picture Attachment

ARTHUR handed over to 13th Artillery Brigade - 1 ARTHUR handed over to 13th Artillery Brigade - 2 ARTHUR ARTHUR - operator´s workplace

Updated: March 24, 2011