Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carriers

Ministry of Defence of CR

The Czech military is going to replace its outdated wheeled armoured personnel carriers and tracked armoured infantry fighting vehicles with a new set of wheeled armoured vehicles in several versions.

The preliminary phase of the procurement project was started at the end of 2002, reflecting assessed requirements and future needs of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.


End of 2002 - preliminary phase begins according to governmental decision on the build-up of the Czech military

3 December 2002 - intent to equip selected units with new vehicles passed by the Defence Minister Board

2003 - reconsideration of the procurement project following the change in funding conditions; versions of the vehicle reconsidered, required quantity reduced

20 May 2004 - Defence Minister decides to hire a consultancy firm to assist in the procurement process

29 July 2004 - Pricewaterhouse Coopers Czech Republic, s.r.o. chosen as a consultant firm

April 2005 - invitation for the provision of 234 vehicles is made public

27 May 2005 - the first phase of the public tender terminates

22 June 2005 - deadline for submitting the questioners (it was prolonged to 20 July 2005)

20 July 2005 - handover of filled questioners

17 August 2005 - first stage of the tender terminates

20 September 2005 - BAE Systems Land & Armaments L. P. withdraws from the tender

25 January 2006 - Government endorsed procurement of Austrian Steyr's APCs

June 2006 - signing of contract for the supply of carriers

2007 - the first supplies of carriers should start

10 December 2007 - Czech government denounces agreement for supply of the carriers

17 April 2008 - Pandur Wheeled Armoured Carriers Gets Green