Technical Specifications


High terrain passability, robustness, endurance, passive and active protection, air-, sea-, and railway transportability.

The weight is the basis for all truck variants:

  • Total weight to be: 12,000 - 13,000 kg

Payload to be:

  • Platform truck: 4500 kg - 5500 kg
  • Chassis for add-on superstructures: 5100 kg - 6100 kg

Basic tactical-technical specifications

Truck of a military type suitable to be used in combat areas.

Width: max. 2550 mm
Length: max. 7000 mm (at 4x4 variant) and 7500 mm (at 6x6)
Height: 3400 mm (platform variant) and max. 4000 mm (add-on superstructure variant)
Maximum speed: min. 100 km/h (85 km/h with a speed governor)
Climb gradient: min. 70 %
Clearance height: min. 400 mm
Weight of trailer: 8000 kg
Fording: without alterations min. 1000 mm; with some alterations 1200 mm
Operating range: min. 800 km
ABSystem, and others.

Means for passive protection:

Important parts of the truck have armour plating against the effects of conventional arms fire up to 7.62 mm calibre, and against hand grenade and mine fragments with additional armour plating; equipped with central tyre pressure rating and safety frame.

The crew and transported personnel are protected against the effects of weapons of mass destruction and harmful industrial substances by a filter-ventilation system. A special surface coating facilitates decontamination operations. Means are also provided against electronic reconnaissance.

Means for active protection:

A mounting fixture for a Universal machine gun type 59 with a rotary shooting joint on the top of the cabin.

Other specifics:

Special provisions for radio equipment, GPS navigation, contamination detectors, small arms, ammunition, and additional equipment.


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Posted: September 29, 2005