Medium Off-road Truck

The last TATRA Truck delivered on the 17th December 2013, the contract is done.

The medium off-road trucks are the most prevalent category of ground equipment within the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.

The new type of the truck must, with its construction and performance, meet the specific, up-to-date requirements of the Armed Forces, the Czech legislature, and other needs of the Czech defence ministry for a period of at least 20 years.

The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic made the decision to procure new TATRA medium off-road trucks, of Czech manufacture, in July 2005. Since the truck´s specifications are in accordance with Czech and European laws that define strategic military material, the supplier was chosen without public tender.

Acquisition of the trucks was approved by the Czech government on 21 September 2005.

The new trucks will replace old Praga V3S trucks, also of Czech make, and other Soviet trucks, whose ages are about 25 to 30 years.

The first set of ten Tatra T-810 trucks was handed over to troops of the 7th Mechanised Brigade at Hranice on 14 April 2008.


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Picture courtesy of Trucker magazine 01/2005

May 24, 2014