Mi-171S - Technical Specifications

The Mi-171S represents the latest version of the Mi-17 medium multipurpose two-engine turbo-shaft helicopter, with the classic arrangement of a five-bladed main rotor and a three-bladed anti-torque tail rotor, designed predominantly for transport of personnel.

This version features a powerful pair of TV3-117VM engines with improved performance at high flight levels and in high temperature enviromments.

In the completely redesigned rear part of the aircraft there is a wide load, retractable drive-up ramp that enables the easier and safer handling of material.

Also, access to the compartment is improved by an enlarged door at the right side of the fuselage. The helicopter has up-to-date avionics, six outer racks for a number of different weapons, an armoured cockpit and amour protection for important systems. These up-grades enable better operation, not only during the normal transport of cargo and soldiers, but also during operations with externally mounted weapons.

Though the Czech military does not, at present, anticipate exploiting the helicopter’s capability to carry missiles and rockets, it does intend to make use of its capability to carry additional fuel tanks, which will enable single flights of up to six hours.

Equipment of the Mi-171S:

  • Engines TV3-117VM
  • Rear door/loading ramp (eight of the helicopters will have it)
  • Enlarged right compartment door
  • Deck crane at the right door with a capacity of 300 kg; a crane with a 170 kg capacity will be at the left door
  • Main rotor vibration damper (suppresses vibration, especially during take-off and landing)
  • Exhaust cooling system (EVU type); auxiliary energy unit SAFIR, of the Czech manufacture
  • Outer side racks for up to six additional fuel tanks
  • Removable cockpit armour, and fixed armour plates for parts of engine and other major systems
  • Cockpit accessories and outer head- and search-lights for night vision systems, to include personal night vision goggles
  • Civilian Identification Friend or F (IFF) responder system
  • New signalling, operations, and flight systems, and flight data recording
  • Mounting systems for 7.62-mm machine guns at both doors of the cargo compartment

Other improvements include a system for exhaust cooling, additional armour, night vision systems, main rotor vibration suppressor, and landing lights.

Basic equipment of the Mi-171S helicopters will be as follows:

  • Stabilised platform with optoelectronic FLIR night vision system
  • Sliding map system
  • Air transreceiver (AN/ARC 210)
  • Standard NATO flight responder
  • Radionavigation systems (VOR, LOC, GS, MKR, and TACAN)
  • Emergency radio station
  • Weather radar
  • Under-fuselage rack with a capacity of 4000 kg (old type had only 3000 kg)
  • Searchlight with infra-red filter (SX-16)
  • Satellite navigation system - Ground Ppositioning System (GPS)
  • Camouflage in accordance with ACR and NATO standards
  • Air-conditioning
  • Planning and combat support system
  • Multifunctional displays

Helicopters assigned to Integrated Rescue System (IRS) will have additional equipment:

  • Radio station for IRS (MATRA)
  • Fire suppression device
  • First aid stretcher

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