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European Union Operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

(Czech participation from 2 December 2004 to 26 June 2008)


The European Union took over responsibility from NATO command for multinational peacekeeping operation in BiH on 2 December 2004.
The Czech Parliament House of Deputies approved ACR participation in the operation for 2008 in November 2007.

The goal of the EU military operation is to keep safety environment, to support progress of BiH towards European integration, and work to eliminate corruption and organised crime.

Czech participation in the operation has been accomplished by 26 June 2008


Total number of Czech personnel participating in the operation from 2 December 2004 to 26 June 2008:

  • 421 (to 26 June 2008)

Development of the ALTHEA Operation:

Due to EU force downsing, the major body of the Czech Contingent accomplished its service and returned back home on 30 June 2007. From that time, four rotating soldiers represented the Czech Republic in ALTHEA EU forces in Sarajevo serving at managing and professional positions.

There were 421 ACR members in total participating in ALTHEA operation since its beginning in December 2004. The Czech Contingent was part of Multi-National Task Force North serving under the lead of Austria in protection and guarding of Headquarters Base in Tuzla.

Since 1996, more thant 7,320 members of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic rotated in NATO operations (IFOR, SFOR I, and SFOR II) and European Union operation ALTHEA/EUFOR in the Balkans.