15th ACR Contingent in KFOR

NATO Operation "Joint Enterprise" in Kosovo


The NATO-led Multi-National Forces "Kosovo Force" (KFOR) began their operation under original name of the "Joint Guardian" on the territory of Kosovo on 12 June 1999 in implementation of United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolution No. 1244 that was passed on 10 June, 1999. International civil and security presence was deployed in Kosovo under the UN auspices.

The Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (ACR) have participated in this operation since 1999, originally with a reconnaissance company followed by a mechanised unit. Since accomplishment of the Czech mechanised unit's participation in NATO-led operation on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the force deployed in Kosovo had become the principal ACR foreign mission in the Balkans.

Since 2002 till July 2005, the ACR formed together with Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic a joint Czech-Slovak KFOR battalion that contributed to the Multinational Brigade CENTRE. In average, there were 500 Czech soldiers and 100 Slovak soldiers serving at the joint unit during that time. The cooperation of both militaries at present goes on at the national level within KFOR. Prior to deployment to Kosovo, both national contributions met at the ceremony at the Czech-Slovak border crossing of Bumbálka on 8 July 2005.

The ACR presence abroad in 2008 is based on a decision of the Czech government, which passed resolution No. 1179 on 22 October 2007 approving Czech military deployments. For 2009 the Czech Government approved the presence of Czech soldiers abroad till the beginning of March 2009. Later, both chambers of the Czech Parliament passed prolongation of the Czech presence on the mission for years of 2009and 2010. The mission has been prolonged till spring 2010 on 8 June 2009.

Map of Kosovo


15th ACR Contingent in KFOR

The personnel of the Contingent in size of up to 550 assumed the area of responsibility in Kosovo on Saturday 18 July 2009. The core of the Task Force is formed by soldiers of the 131st Combined Artillery Battalion of the 13th Artillery Brigade from Pardubice. The great part of the Task Force is formed by soldiers of the 14th Logistic Support Brigade also from Pardubice. The Contingent includes also personnel from other 54 units and installations of the Czech military in accordace with required specialisation. Female soldiers form approximately 8 % of its size. About 40 % of personnel serve on their first foreign mission.

As of 1 February 2010 the structure of KFOR has been changed from the Multi-National Task Force to the Multi-National Battle Group.

The personnel of the 15th ACR Contingent will serve on the peacekeeping operation in Kosovo till February 2010.

Number of Czech Military Personnel on the Operation:

  • up to 550

Contingent Commander:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Jan Cífka

Previous contingents:

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  • The units of the Multi-National Battle Grouup CENTRE (MNBG-C) are formed by soldiers of the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Slovakia, and Sweden.

  • The Lead Nation of the MNBG-C is Finland as of the 1st August 2008, and as of 30th July 2009 the commander of MNBG-C is Finnish Brigadier General Seppo Risto Juhani Toivonen, who took over the position from Brigadier General Kyösti Halonen.

Current placement of all KFOR units:

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Area of Responsibility of the Multi-National Battle Group CENTRE (MNBG-C) in Kosovo:

February 8, 2010