Video - Air Defence

Video footage from training of air defence units.

Training of Czech Air Defence Units
Life fires from anti-aircraft missile systems and an anti-aircraft twin cannon)

STRELA-10M (2.8 MB, format *.AVI)
STRELA-10M (3 MB, format *.AVI)
STRELA-2 (5.8 MB, format *.AVI)

Ground Targeting of 30mm TWIN CANNON (PLdvK) (2.9 MB, format *.AVI)
30mm PLdvK (2.4 MB, format *.AVI)
30mm PLdvK (2.9 MB, format *.AVI)
Ground Target Hit by 30mm PLdvK (2.3 MB, format *.AVI)

Footage made by Petr Sklenicka in September 2002