Supersonic Aircraft - Decision

The Government of the Czech Republic, during its session on 9 June 2004, endorsed a ten-year lease of 14 pieces of JAS-39 Gripen aircraft to be introduced into service with the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. Pursuant to executive decision, relevant agreements will be entered into with the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden.

As the service life of the currently-in-service Soviet-made MiG-21 aircraft comes to an end, our country seeks a solution to the problem of securing our national airspace.

Tender specifications were very demanding. Some of the original bidding countries withdrew on the grounds of not being able to meet the tender specifications. The bid of the Kingdom of Sweden, which offered to lease JAS-39 Gripen aircraft for a ten-year period, met all the criteria specified. In the course of negotiations, the Czech party managed to achieve terms even more favourable than those specified.

The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic agreed with the Swedish party that a major portion of the information having to do with the mutual agreements (apart from elements of the technical and contractual terms, the release of which could be damaging to the Swedish party) would be made public.

The contract regarding the complex JAS-39 Gripen system includes:

  • 12 new single-seat Batch C JAS-39 Gripen aircraft;
  • 2 new double-seat Batch D JAS-39 Gripen aircraft;
  • Multi-purpose Flight Simulator;
  • Mission Planning System;
  • Pilot equipment;
  • Comprehensive aircraft support;
  • Training of flight and ground personnel.

    Pursuant to the contract, the Swedish party will supply all spare parts and further logistic support to insure continuous operability of the aircraft during the ten-year lease period.

    Total contract value amounts to CZK 19.650 bn.

    The new aircraft will be operated in support of:

  • The Czech Republic’s national defence, both during peacetime and times of crisis (NATINEADS – security of the Czech Republic’s airspace, RENEGADE – countering the threat of possible terrorist air attacks);
  • The performance of obligations that stem from NATO membership;
  • Operations in accordance with the UN Charter;
  • Participation in military exercises, exhibitions, and air shows.

    The aircraft will be based at AFB Čáslav, CZ. The fighters have basic weaponry (27-mm calibre cannon); if necessary, the Gripen is capable of carrying all weapon systems currently in service with a similar type of aircraft.

    The JAS-39 Gripen meets interoperability requirements:

  • Identification Friend or Foe;
  • In-flight Refuelling Capability;
  • Communication in English;
  • Adverse light/weather conditions flight capability.

    The contract includes controlling and sanctions mechanisms; its terms are secured with contractual penalties and sanctions, to include the possibility of revoking the contract in extreme cases.

    The contract also includes industrial cooperation programs, the so-called "Offset Programme". The Gripen International is committed to deliver the program in the Czech Republic for a ten year’s period, the value of which will amount to 130 % of the aircraft lease contract.

    Compiled by the staff of the Press and Information Service.

    This information was first made public: June 10, 2004