9K35M STRELA-10M - NATO code: SA-13 GOPHER - MTLB transporter

This is an anti-aircraft missile system called the S-10M for short. It is designed to attack enemy aircraft. The system includes either the 9A34 or 9A35 combat vehicle, and 9M37 missiles.

The light tracked MTLB transporter provides the whole system the excellent off-road riding qualities.

The combat vehicles were gradually upgraded especially in electronic control equipment installed in the command compartment. The sofware enables the receipt and processing of data regarding the air situation, identification of a target, homing the missile and the information feedback on overall combat activities.

The 9M37 missile with an infrared homing system and solid fuel engine reaches a velocity of Mach 2, and is capable of defeating targets at Mach 1.25. The missile is equipped with a high explosive 6 kg warhead with fragmentation charge. The container is a safe transporter of the missile which also enables the joining of the missile to the launching ramp turret, its aiming and its launching. Some combat vehicles are equipped with the 9S16 direction finder to identify air targets. The detection range provides sufficient time for turning the turret to a required position.

Basic Technical Data

  • Distance range: 1.5 - 10 km
  • Altitude range: 10 - 5,000 metres
  • Number of transported missiles
  • - at launching ramp: 4
  • - in transport compartment: 4
  • Missile
  • Length: 2.2 metres
  • Diameter of the body: 0.12 metres
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Vehicle
  • Maximum speed: 61.5 km per hour
  • Length: 6.93 metres
  • Width: 2.85 metres
  • Height
  • - in transport position: 2.22 metres
  • - in combat position (elevation 0°): 3.162 metres
  • - in combat position (elevation 80°): 3.965 metres
  • Weight: 12,152 kg

Picture Attachment

Anti-aircraft system Missile Ready to fire