2K12 M2 KUB - NATO code: SA-6 GAINFUL

This is a self-propelled tactical air defence missile system designed to attack aircraft, cruise missiles and attack helicopters at low and medium altitudes. The system was developed by the Russian Torpov company and was produced by the Vympel MKB and NIIP companies. In 1970, the system was first introduced into operational use.

The system is characterised by very good passage ability in the heavy terrain. The speed of its guided missile reaches M=2.8, which enables it to down even rapidly moving air targets. Each firing battery has it own STRAIGHT FLUSH (1S91) fire control and homing radar, four launching apparatuses on the chassis of an armoured personnel carrier, and two transport/supply trucks. The system can conduct combat activities fully independently – search, track and identify air targets, illuminate them and provide guidance for the missiles. One target can be simultaneously attacked by two missiles. The system is capable of auto-tracking of one air target and at the same time of guiding two ground-to-air missiles. The reloading of missiles from the transport to the launching platform lasts about 10 minutes. The built-in TV camera with a range up to 25 kilometres helps increase the resistance to radio jamming signals.

The SA-6B GAINFUL Mod 1 is the last version of the system with reinforced protection to electronic jamming. It was produced until 1992.

Basic Technical Data

  • Maximum effective range: 23 km
  • Missile type 3M9 KUB
  • Engine: double-stage, pulse, solid fuel
  • Homing system: semiactive radar
  • Warhead: highly explosive, block buster with fragmentation core
  • Warhead weight: 59 kg
  • Length: 5.8 metres
  • Diameter of the body: 0.34 metre
  • Total weight: 600 kg

Picture Attachment

Life exercise fires at the Baltic in Poland