Air Defence 30mm Twin Cannon

This is a self-propelled twin-cannon air defence gun. The two 30mm cannons are mounted on a Praga V3S truck chassis, with a special adaptation including armour plates. The coupled cannon is a gun designed for immediate air defence of units. Its construction enables the conduct a fire against air targets moving at speeds lower than 1000 km per hour.

It is possible to use this gun also against ground targets up to distance of 2.000 metres. Fire can be conducted from a stationary position (both on and off-chassis), during movement, or during short stops.

Basic Technical Data

  • Maximum effective range: 9,500 metres
  • Ceiling for fire: 6,000 metres
  • Road operation range: up to 600 km
  • Weight: 10,300 kg
  • Crew: 5
  • Elevation: -2° up to +85°
  • Firing angle: 360°
  • Firing par: 400 cartridges in 8 magazines

Picture Attachment

Twin-cannon gun