History: SOJKA III (decommissioned in December 2011)

This is a light tactical unmanned flying vehicle that is designed to conduct air optical and electronic reconnaissance of a battle field. This vehicle can perform some electronic warfare tasks to a limited extent.

The set is composed of four ground vehicles - a transport carriage with four SOJKA III drones, a maintenance vehicle, a launching track vehicle and one 1.5 ton off-road UAZ 469 Turbodiesel vehicle designed to search for used drones. The UAZ 469 is to be replaced by the Land Rover Defender 90 in near future.

The SOJKA III is equipped with a wide-angle air photocamera for taking still pictures from a flight level of 600 metres, and a TV camera for sideward screening of an area of up to 60 kilometres. The pictures of real situations on the battlefield are on-line broadcast to the ground control centre.

Its flight is controlled from the mobile control centre. There are two operators in it: one operates the flight itself and the second receives and processes reconnaissance information in real time. The master PC records and displays flight information, and evaluates received data in close coordination with a terminal of a satellite navigation system NAVSTAR/GPS.

Basic Tactical-technical Data

  • Tactical operation range: 60 - 100 km
  • Flight speed during patroling: 130 - 180 km per hour
  • Flight endurance: 1 - 3 hours
  • Operation flight level: 50 - 2,000 metres
  • Maximum take-off weight: 145 kg
  • Payload: 20 - 30 kg
  • Length: 3.78 metres
  • Wingspan: 4.12 metres

Picture Attachment

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