This is a two-engine, turbo-shaft multipurpose helicopter, whose design is based on the Mil Mi-2 "HOPLITE". However, the W-3A SOKOL differs considerably from its predecessor in terms of its outer dimensions and improved construction consistency.

The first prototype took off on 16 November 1979, the second one, with crucial construction modifications, on 6 May 1982. Full production commenced in 1985. The helicopter is designed for transport of up to 12 personnel or material up to the weight of 2,200 kg, and for air search and rescue operations.

The helicopter is equipped with a new four-bladed main rotor with a vibration damper. The inner fuel tanks can take up to 1,700 litres of fuel. It is possible to attach additional fuel tanks with a total capacity of 1,100 litres. The seats are arranged per three at four rows. The cabine is accessible by two side doors. The W-3A SOKOL helicopter features sophisticated avionics that enables its day and night use under any weather condition. It has proved its capabilities during flood disasters in the Czech Republic in 1997 and again in 2002.

Basic Tactical-technical Data

  • High-speed cruise: 270 km per hour
  • Typical cruise speed: 235 km per hour
  • Operation range with maximum fuel load: 1,225 km
  • Flight ceiling: 4,650 metres
  • Climbing close to surface: 9.1 metres per second
  • Payload: 2,200 kg
  • Weight of empty helicopter: 3,300 kg
  • Typical take-off weight: 6,400 kg
  • Type of engine: 2 x WSK-PZL Rzeszów TWD-10W
  • Engine thrust: 2 x 671 kW
  • Fuselage length: 14.21 metres
  • Height: 4.12 metres
  • Diameter of the main rotor: 15.2 metres

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