History: Tu-154 Transport Aircraft (Decommissioned in 2007)

This is a Russian three-engine jet transport aircraft having the NATO code of “CARELESS”. It is designed for medium-range flights. The first prototype of this aircraft aimed at replacing Tu-104, Il-18, and An-40 made its first flight on 4 October 1968.

Until now, almost 1000 of these aircraft have been produced.

The aircraft are no longer operational with the Czech Air Force. They were replaced by two AIRBUS 319CJ aircraft in 2007.

Besides version “M”, there is also the Tu-154 B-2 aircraft of an older version within the Czech Air Force. It is equipped with three jet engines Kuzněcov NK-8-2U with an output of 103 kN each. The avionics of the Tu-154 meet international regulations.

The pressurised and air-conditioned passenger compartment for 116 people (108 in the Tu-154 B-2 version), is possible to be reconfigured into a salon variant for the transport of governmental officials or other V.I.Ps.

Basic Tactical-technical Data of Tu-154M

  • Tactical operation range with full fuel tanks and 5,450 kg of cargo: 6,600 km
  • Tactical operation range with maximum load: 3,700 km
  • Maximum travelling speed: 935 km per hour
  • Flight ceiling: 12,100 metres
  • Maximum take-off weight: 100,000 kg
  • Weight of empty aircraft: 55,300 kg
  • Maximum load: 18,000 kg
  • Maximum fuel: 39,750 kg
  • Type of engines: 3 x Aviadvigatel D-30KU-154-II
  • Maximum thrust of engines: 104 kN each
  • Number of passengers: up to 116
  • Wingspan: 37.55 metres
  • Length: 47.90 metres
  • Height: 11.40 metres
  • Crew: 5

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