History: L-610 Transport Aircraft (a prototype not recommended to employ)

The development of this successor of the L-410 TURBOLET started in 1984, while the first flight of version L-610M took off on 30 December 1988. One prototype of this aircraft with two turbo-propeller engines (Walter M-602) of Czech make was operated by the Czechoslovak and Czech Air Force till 1994.

This aircraft had an output of 2 x 1,360 kW. The front part of the aircraft was equipped with twenty seats, and the rest of the inside was furnished as a salon with two coffee tables for a dozen passengers.

The L-610G was an upgraded version, which was supposed to be used by the Czech military. Certification procedure did not recommend to include the aircraft into operational use.

Basic Tactical-technical Data of L-610G Aircraft

  • Maximum operation range with maximum cargo: 2,530 km
  • Maximum cruise speed in flight level of 6,000 metres: 478 km per hour
  • Optimal cruise speed in flight level of 7,200 metres: 466 km per hour
  • Landing speed: 175 km per hour
  • Maximum climbing (close to surface): 8.5 metres per second
  • Maximum take-off weight: 14,500 kg
  • Weight of equipped aircraft: 9,220 kg
  • Payload: 4,200 kg
  • Type of engines: 2 x General Electric CT7-9D
  • Wingspan: 25.6 metres
  • Length: 21.4 metres
  • Height: 8.1 metres
  • Take-off distance: 662 metres
  • Landing distance: 1,075 metres

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