This is the first aircraft manufactured at the Let Kunovice Works in the former Czechoslovakia. This two-engine turbo-propeller-driven transport aircraft, designed to carry personnel and cargo at short distances, made its first flight on 16 April 1969.

The aircraft has been produced in the following versions: L-410T, L-410UVP, L-410UVP-E, and L-410FG. In total, 1,100 of these aircraft were manufactured, which were exported to many countries of the world.

Basic Tactical-technical Data of L-410UVP-E

  • Tactical operation range with full fuel tanks: 1,380 km
  • Tactical operation range with maximum payload: 546 km
  • Maximum cruise speed: 357 km per hour
  • Cruise speed in flight level of 4,200 m: 380 km per hour
  • Economy cruise speed in flight level of 4,200 metres: 365 km per hour
  • Flight ceiling: 6,320 metres
  • Maximum climbing: 444 metres per minute
  • Maximum take-off weight: 6,400 kg
  • Weight of empty aircraft: 3,985 kg
  • Maximum payload: 1,650 kg
  • Type of engines: 2 x Turbolet (Walter) M601E
  • Maximum engine thrust: 2 x 559 kW
  • Wingspan including fuel tanks: 19.98 metres
  • Length: 14.42 metres
  • Height: 5.83 metres
  • Crew: 3

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