This is a two-seat jet aircraft made by AERO Vodochody in the Czech Republic, and has the NATO code of “MAYA”. The aircraft was designed by Z. Rublič and K. Tomáš as a substitute for the cylinder-engine training aircraft of the Czechoslovak Air Force. The L-29 was the first jet aircraft constructed in Czechoslovakia.

The first flight of XL-29 aircraft prototype was held on 5 April 1959. The aircraft, designed for basic and advanced flight training, features a robust construction capable of operating on rough grassy, sandy and wet/soggy surfaces. Its design facilitates the transition of pilots from a training aircraft to a combat one.

The trainer and the trainee are placed one after the other in synchronised catapultable seats. The aircraft can carry light weaponry. The type was launched into operation in 1963 and its production terminated in 1974 in the works of the Aero Vodochody and the Let Kunovice in Czechoslovakia. More than 3,500 of these aircraft were manufactured. In 1965, the development of a light reconnaissance-combat version of the L-29R was terminated. For aerobatic flying, a single-seat version of L-29 has also been developed.

The aircraft was exported to 13 countries, a number of which is still operational, including the Czech Air Force at home. The L-29s were being replaced by a subsequent type of L-39 ALBATROS.

Basic Tactical-technical Data

  • Maximum cruise speed in flight level of 5,000 metres: 655 km per hour
  • Maximum cruise speed in low flight level: 650 km per hour
  • Tactical operation range with full fuel tanks: 640 km
  • Maximum flight distance: 1,600 km
  • Flight ceiling: 11,000 metres
  • Climbing rate (with weapons): 14 metres per second
  • Endurance of flight: 2 hours
  • Engine type: M-701 Motorlet
  • Engine thrust: 8.72 kN
  • Weight of weapons: 200 kg
  • Take-off weight, max.: 3,586 kg
  • Take-off weight, optimal: 2,324 kg
  • Weight of empty aircraft: 2,280 kg
  • Wingspan (including fuel tanks): 10.29 metres
  • Length: 10.81 metres
  • Height: 3.13 metres
  • Wing surface area: 19,8 m²

Picture Attachment


The following pictures of one L-29 DELFÍN (= DOLPHIN) aircraft from the Tiger Squadron, that took part in air shows, were taken by personnel of then 32nd Aircraft Maintenance Works at Přerov, Czech Republic.

These pictures were first published: July 2002