This is a two-jet engine transport aircraft manufactured by the Canadian Bombardier Company, and is designed for long-distance flights. A prototype of this small but smart aircraft took off for the first time on 8 November 1978.

The design of this aircraft reflects the latest requirements for this category. Three independent hydraulic systems drive the piloting, the handling of landing gear and a brake set. Modern avionics enable flights into dense air space around the busiest airports as well as to remote areas of the world outside normal airways. The communication and radar positioning systems are mostly doubled.

Basic Tactical-technical Data

  • Tactical operation range with full fuel tanks: 6,200 km
  • High-speed cruise: 851 km per hour
  • Typical cruise speed: 819 km per hour
  • Flight ceiling: 12,500 metres
  • Maximum take-off weight: 20,457 kg
  • Weight of empty aircraft: 9,292 kg
  • Maximum load: 1,814 kg
  • Maximum fuel: 7,559 kg
  • Types of engines: 2 x General Electric CF-34-3A
  • Maximum thrust: 2 x 40.66 kN
  • Passengers: up to 19
  • Wingspan: 19.61 metres
  • Length: 20.85 metres
  • Height: 6.30 metres
  • Crew: 2

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