Reconnaissance Set SNĚŽKA

The reconnaissance and observation set Sněžka is used by artillery recce units. The system enables detection, identification and tracking of ground mobile and stationary targets, the observation of artillery shell impacts and their explosions, collection of target location grids and their processing, and the evaluation and transfer of data on the situation at theatre to a higher command level.

Mounted on the chassis of the 2x7-wheel armoured amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle BVP, the set contains manipulators of position and sensors, which include radar, a meteo detector, a TV camera for day and night vision, and a thermo-vision camera. The equipment is also comprised of a ground positioning system, a satellite GPS navigation system, optical observation and direction finding instruments, a smoke-generating set, a set for alternative way of reconnaissance, and commander’s and crew workplaces. The centralised collection, analysis, and transfer of data in real time, and addressed transmission of recce information to many users within the command and control system supports the effective conduct of combat activities under any weather conditions and at night.

The reconnaissance can be led from inside the trench, since the devices, mounted on the top of the telescopic arm reaching 14 metres above the ground, are capable of monitoring ground targets.

Basic Technical Data

  • Combat position height: 14 metres
  • Maximum road speed: 65 km per hour
  • Operation range: 600 km
  • Crew: 4
  • Range of laser telemetre: 20,000 metres
  • Voice communication: up to 20,000 metres
  • Data transfer into fire control system: up to 14,000 metres

Picture Attachment

Reconnaissance Set SNĚŽKA - 2 Reconnaissance Set SNĚŽKA - 2

SNĚŽKA in action - 1 Reconnaissance Set SNĚŽKA - 3 SNĚŽKA in action - 2

Reconnaissance Set SNĚŽKA - 4 Reconnaissance Set SNĚŽKA - 5 Reconnaissance Set SNĚŽKA - 6

Reconnaissance Set SNĚŽKA - 7 Reconnaissance Set SNĚŽKA - 8 Reconnaissance Set SNĚŽKA - 9 Reconnaissance Set SNĚŽKA - 10