Off-road 1.5 Ton Vehicle UAZ 469B

This seven-seat, four-door vehicle was developed in the 1960s, originally of Russian make. Later, it was manufactured in Czechoslovakia, having been a successor of the earlier GAZ 69 vehicle of the similar design. It has been used for transport of personnel and light-weight cargoes in the Czechoslovak and Czech militaries since 1973.

This vehicle can be used as a towing unit, though the weight of the towed vehicle should not exceed 800 kg. The UAZ 469B has a petrol engine, a five-step gear box (4+Rear), and drum brakes. The most used variant of the vehicle in the Czech military is the one with the canvas top. Chemical and signal troops use UAZ 469Bs equipped with special instruments and communication means.

Basic Technical Data

  • Weight: 1,590 kg
  • Payload: 7 seats + 100 kg or 2 seats + 600 kg
  • Ride height: 220 mm
  • Fording depth: 700 mm
  • Four-stroke, four-cylinder petrol engine capacity: 2,445 cm³
  • Maximum road speed: 115 km per hour
  • Fuel tanks capacity: 2 x 39 litres
  • Fuel consumption: 12.1 litres per 100 km

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