Land Rover 1 Ton Vehicle DEFENDER 110 TDi

This is an off-road one-ton vehicle of British make designed for transport of personnel and material. Besides a turbo-diesel engine, several other diesel or spark-ignition types of engines can be used in the vehicle.

The vehicle features high reliability in winter starting, economical operation and compatibility with other NATO countries’ armed forces. It can be also used by signal and chemical protection units. Its construction enables air lift and air drop. Within the Czech military, the DEFENDER 110 TDi vehicle replaces the older off-road one-ton vehicle UAZ-462 of Russian make.

Basic Technical Data

  • Weight: 2,000 kg
  • Maximum speed: 120 km per hour
  • Climbing: 45 %
  • Fording depth: 600 mm
  • Fuel tanks capacity: 45.5 and 79.5 litres

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