VERA S/M Passive Surveillance System

The VERA S/M is a product of the ERA Inc. of Pardubice in the Czech Republic. The system, as an independent source of information on air situation, can meet tasks of a monitoring and a back-up system for radar systems of the Air Traffic Control Centre of the Czech Republic.

The prototype of the VERA system has been first installed at the elevation of about 1000 metres and from 1995 it has been successfully tested in round-the-clock and permanent operation by a group of experts from the Air Force Passive Systems Centre and from Air Defence Command of the Army of the Czech Republic. It has used the improved working method first introduced in its predecessors (e.g. TAMARA or TACAN surveillance systems).

The manufacturer offers the system also in the following modifications: VERA – P3D, VERA ASCS, VERA - AP, VERA - ADSB and VERA – HME and VERA – E, and S/M, used predominantly by the military.

The testing has proven that the system has an operation range of 400 to 500 kilometres in an angle higher than 120 degrees. The software presently used is capable of automatic and simultaneous tracking of up to 300 aircraft/targets at the real time.

The crew is a single operator, plus an officer.

The PSS VERA is a useful complement and a back-up of existing active radars of air traffic control centres, without ambition to replace them.

VERA S/M in Operation

The first (of two ordered) mobile version of the VERA S/M system was handed over to the 53rd Passive Surveillance Center at the ceremony in České Budějovice on 7 December 2004. A company of the VERA S/M system will be part of NATO Response Force, High Readiness Force, since 2006.

VERA Surveillance System in the U.S.A.

PRAGUE, 26 August 2005 (CTK – Czech News Agency) - News release

U.S.A. takes over VERA radar, transport due next week

The U.S. military representatives have visited Pardubice, east Bohemia, to take over a Czech-made passive radar Vera from the Thomas CZ arms exporter and they are training Vera's operation so that the radar can be transported to a U.S. military base next week, Lidove noviny writes.

Referring to CZ Thomas director Jiri Tomes, he says that the U.S. officers took over Vera in Pardubice last Friday. Vera, produced by the Pradubice-based Era company, is able to detect another radar's presence and determine its type without being detected itself.

It consists of three relatively small devices, placed several dozens of kilometres from each other. It can simultaneously monitor up to 200 aircraft and accurately specify their distance and altitude.

Vera is a more sophisticated successor to the well-known radar Tamara.

Several other countries have shown interest in Vera, among others Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Egypt. Only Estonia has gained one for the time being, apart from the USA, Lidove noviny writes. (...END OF NEWS RELEASE)