Biological Defence Department at Techonin

The Biological Defence Centre at Techonin is a specialised medical institution of the Czech military ensuring complete biological defence and treatment for both military personnel and civilians.

This Department is one of the two branches of the Military Health Institute based in Prague.

Primary mission:

  • Isolation of bacilli carriers of dangerous diseases and prevention of spreading of contagious disease to the rest of population;
  • Identification of the kind of contamination, determination of diagnosis, suggestion and taking necessary measures - especially in issues of prevention;
  • Treatment of affected persons;
  • Biological defence research.

The Department includes Specialised Infection Hospital for persons affected with dangerous or exotic infections under biosafety level 3 & 4 conditions equipped with laboratories for diagnostics of selected biological agents. It offers isolation-quarantine capabilities for examination of troops following their foreign mission is over.

The Department serves as a training and education facility both for military and civilian specialists from the Czech Republic and within NATO (Centre of Excellence).

The Department is part of the Integrated Rescue System of the Czech Republic, and, at the same time, it is involved in the NATO biological defence system.

November 18, 2018