Laminated Boat RUSB

This boat of German make, equipped with outboard engines, serves in units of the corps of engineers in support of operations on water bodies and streams.

This boat can be also used in support of air-drop operations training, during construction of low fixed and pontoon bridges, for reconnaissance of water streams, and as a support vessel for frogmen.

Basic Technical Data

  • Weight of empty boat: 960 kg
  • Weight of equipped boat: 1,200 kg
  • Basic crew: 2
  • Full crew: 6
  • Height of the boat: 930 mm
  • Width of the boat: 2,100 mm
  • Length of the boat: 5,500 mm
  • Lenght of the road undercarriage: 3,070 mm
  • Width of the road undercarriage: 2,220 mm
  • Maximum speed: 35 km per hour

Picture Attachment