Rescue Vehicle T-815 8x8 VVN

The TATRA-815 special vehicle is designed to eliminate the consequences of ecological, industrial, and natural disasters. The vehicle is also equipped with means for providing safeguard of human lives and property.

Equipment of this vehicle provides universal means for the effective engagement of rescue workers. Life vests, breathing apparatuses, gas masks, protective clothes and special instruments for radiation and chemical detection serve well in contaminated environment, even under water.

Other equipment include the CEDIMA drilling machine, PIONJAR drilling and demolishing hammer, NAREX hydraulic cutters and tongs, PARTNER K-650 grinding saw, JONSERED chain saw or NAREX electric saw which enable the performance of various recovery and demolition operations. The equipment is complemented by rescue ropes, climbing sets and means for coping with oil leakages. Electricity is provided by a 6 kW power generator. The crew uses a radio transreceiver RF-1325 with amplifier and a PAEGAS telephone set. The drivers cab is equipped with a first-aid kit and vacuum splints.

The vehicle is driven by an air-cooled, four-stroke, all-fuel, 12-cylinder diesel engine, which provides, at 2,200 revolutions per minute, an output of 265 kW. The gear box is ten-step and mechanical, and the additional two-step gear box provides gear changing when the vehicle is in a stationary position. Maximum road speed is 80 km per hour.

These vehicles serve in rescue units of the Czech military. They were used several times during floods in the Czech Republic in 1997, 1998, 2002, and during rescue operations of the Czech military in the aftermath of the earthquake in Turkey in 1999.

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