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Pontoon Bridge Set PMS

This system provides support for armoured and mechanised units in the crossing of water streams and bodies. Bank armoured boards and water pontoons are transported on TATRA T-813 and T-815 trucks.

This set enables the construction of a wide variety of floating bridges and pontoon ferry vessels.

Basic Technical Data

  • Bridge carrying capacity: 20, 60 or after modification up to 80 tons
  • Maximum length of the bridge made of one set: 382 m for 20 tons, or 227 m for 60 tons
  • Useful width of the pontoon bridge for crossing vehicles: 3.29 meters for 20 tons, 6.5 meters for 60 tons
  • Maximum length of the ferry vessel: 53 m
  • Maximum carrying capacity of the ferry vessel: 150 tons
  • Useful width of the ferry vessel: 6.5 m

Picture Attachment

Pontoon Bridge Set First pontoon goes to the Elbe river Pontoon part opened Joined pontoons on the Elbe river Concert of engineers at the Elbe river

Concert at the Elbe river Concert for smart handsAway from here !