Tracked Amphibious Carrier PTS-10

This system is designed to transport artillery pieces, tracked and wheeled tractors, armoured carriers, vehicles and personnel in water bodies and streams.

Moreover, this carrier can be used for medical evacuation or for transport of fully armed air drop personnel.

Basic Technical Data

  • Maximum load in road transportation: 5,000 kg
  • Maximum load when floating: 10,000 kg
  • Maximum speed with a load on road: 42 km per hour
  • Maximum speed with a load on water: 10 km per hour

Picture Attachment

PTS-10 - 1 PTS-10 - 2 PTS-10 - 3 PTS-10 - 4 Jump of  PTS-10 into the Elbe River

Amphibian in action Amphibian just loaded Ferry service