Bridge Layer AM-50

This is a special wheeled vehicle for launching a mobile bridge over obstacles of 10 to 12,5 m in width, that can support vehicles of up to 50 tons. Obstacles of greater width can be spanned by up to 8 of these bridge layers.

The bridge construction is mounted on the chassis of a 8x8 TATRA-815 truck. It is equipped with central controlled air pressure in its tyres and a protection system against chemical, biological and radioactive agents. The depth of a bridged obstacle can be from 2 to 6 metres.

Basic Technical Data

  • Weight: 25,900 kg
  • Length: 12,000 mm
  • Height: 3,800 mm
  • Width: 3,150 mm
  • Length of a bridge span: 13,500 mm
  • Width of a bridge span: 4,000 mm
  • Maximum load of a bridge span: 50,000 kg

Picture Attachment

Bridge Layer AM-50 - 1 Bridge Layed Bridge Layer AM-50 - 2 Using bridge layer AM-50