Universal Finishing Machine UDS-114a

This is a universal machine to provide engineer support such as the construction of defence posts in terrain, connecting trenches or command and observation posts.

This system is used in engineer units, mostly mounted on the chassis of the off-road truck TATRA 815; however, the body can be mounted also on the Russian KAMAZ and URAL types or the Czech LIAZ type of trucks. The body machine is powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine ZETOR Z 8701.102 of Czech make. The operating system of the working boom and the whole body is made of hydraulic distributors and mechanical bars and arms.

Basic Technical Data

  • Weight including chassis of TATRA 815: 21,800 kg
  • Crew: 2
  • Body engine capacity: 6,842 cubic centimetres
  • Body engine output: 85 kW at 2,200 rounds per minute

Reach of Working Boom

  • Horizontal working radius: 10.5 m
  • Depth working reach: 6.5 m

Loading Limit of the Boom

  • At minimum length: 6,500 kg
  • At maximum length: 2,400 kg
  • Working capacity of the machine: 108 cubic metres per hour
  • Minimum width of the ditch: 300 mm

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