UAZ-469CH Off-road 2-ton Vehicle

This is a special version of the passenger off-road UAZ-469B vehicle designed for the chemical and radiological reconnaissance of marching routes, terrain surface and areas of deployment. It is also used for checking the contamination of personnel, equipment, food and water.

This vehicle is equipped with instruments and devices by which it is possible to take samples of suspected contaminated substances, to mark contaminated areas, and to conduct reference quality measurements of the lower atmosphere.

Basic Technical Data

  • Weight: 2,305 kg
  • Length: 4,025 mm
  • Height: 2,015 mm
  • Width: 1,785 mm

Reconnaissance Speed

  • On roads: 40 to 50 km per hour
  • Off roads: 30 to 40 km per hour

Special Equipment

  • Radiometer IT-65 or DP-86
  • Automatic poisonous substance indicator GSP-11
  • Chemical detector CHP-71
  • Radio transreceiver
  • Apparatus for marking contaminated areas

Picture Attachment