Armoured Reconnaissance Carrier BRDM-2rch

This is a wheeled amphibious armoured 4x4 vehicle designed for a squad of chemical and radiological reconnaissance troops.

This system is designed for the conduct of chemical, biological and radiological reconnaissance, the marking of contaminated areas, the sampling of contaminated earth, food and water, and their evaluation. It is also capable of carrying out meteo observations and reporting on radiological and chemical situations.

The system’s specialised equipment includes the GSP-11 or GSP-12 automatic warning indicator, chemical detector CHP-71, radiometer IT-65 or DP-86, radio transreceiver R-123, thermo-navigation device TNA-3, a system for marking decontaminated areas, a set for taking samples KPO-1, and a meteorological set MK-3. The armoured carrier is equipped with a 7,62 mm PKT machine gun.

Basic Technical Data

  • Weight: 7,000 kg
  • Average speed during reconnaissance: 30 to 40 km per hour (10 km per hour in heavy terrain)
  • Engine: GAZ-41 petrol
  • Maximum road speed: 95 to 100 km
  • Floating speed: 9 to 10 km per hour
  • Operation range: 750 km

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