Wheeled Loader KN-251

This is a biaxial loader with a multiple-edge purpose. It aids engineers in the construction of defence emplacements and command/observe posts, and in finishing position sites and the repair of roads.

Thanks to its robust construction, this machine can be used for lifting and transporting heavy loads for short distances. In emergencies, it is also used for towing. It is constructed on a hinged frame that enables the loader to work in a relatively small place. It is driven by a Czech-made LIAZ M 637 diesel engine, and operated by a hydraulic system.

Basic Technical Data

  • Weight including shovel: 24,930 kg
  • Crew: 2
  • Length including shovel: 9,200 mm
  • Width including shovel: 3,150 mm
  • Height with lowered shovel: 3,880 mm
  • Height with elevated shovel: 4,100 mm
  • Engine output: 169 kW
  • Shovel capacity: 2.6 až 3.1 cubic metres

Output of the Loader

  • Loading of earth: 200 cubic metres per hour
  • Digging trenches: 100 cubic metres per hour
  • Excavators works in medium-heavy terrain: 150 cubic metres per hour

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