Rocket Launcher 122 mm type 70

This is a reactive forty-barrel recoilless artillery weapon, known also as RM-70, with lightly armoured crew cabin mounted on the carriage of a TATRA-813 truck. Due to its high speed, manoeuvrability, and off-road qualities, it is a robust mobile means designed to attack enemy fire positions.

This rocket launcher can fire both individual rounds and volleys, principally by means of indirect fire. It is designed for concentrated fire coverage of large areas (up to 3 hectares in one volley) by high explosive fragmentation shells.

The fire is robust with almost 256 kg of explosives used in one volley of 40 rockets.

Basic Technical Data

  • Firing range: 20,000 m
  • Maximum speed: 80 km per hour
  • Fording depth: up to 1,400 mm
  • Crew: 4
  • Carried ammunition: 80 rockets
  • Weapons to protect launcher and crew: one machine gun type 59, four submachine guns type 58V, one portable anti-tank grenade launcher RPG-7

Note: The carriage of the launcher at Picture No. 2 has an adapted BZ T-813 bulldozer unit, with which the crew can quickly dig a trench or arrange its own emplacement.

Picture Attachment