Self-propelled 120 mm Mortar PRAM S

A self-loaded mortar system (international acronym: SPM-85 PRAM) mounted on an elongated BVP (also known as BMP) carriage. It is designed to provide permanent fire support for a mechanised battalion against enemy manpower, his anti-tank assets, lightly armoured targets, and light field shelters.

It is characterised by a high rate of fire and high manoeuvrability in terrain. It has a filter and ventilation system that enables the mortar to pass contaminated areas while conducting combat activities. It crosses water obstacles by floating, even with its full load of ammunition of 80 mine cartridges. The armoured space for the crew provides adequate protection against small arms fire and fragments of artillery shells.

Auxiliary weapons can comprise the anti-tank 9K113 Konkurz (SPANDREL) guided missile system, the NSV 12.7 mm air-defence machine gun, portable anti-tank RPG-75 grenade launchers, defence hand grenades F1, and submachine guns 7.62 mm type 58.

Basic Technical Data

  • Combat weight: 13,800 kg
  • Crew: 4
  • Maximum speed: 63 km per hour
  • Operation range: 550 km
  • Rate of fire: 18 to 20 rounds per minute
  • Firing range: 8,000 m

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