History: Tank T-55/54

The medium tank T-55/54 is a combat track vehicle, originally of the Russian make. The system was developed and produced in series in former USSR since 1955. From 1964, this tank was produced in Poland under the licence, a year later the production was launched also in Czechoslovakia.

This medium tank T-55/54 was (and in many cases still is) in equipment of former Warsaw Pact countries. Thanks to a long-term use within armed forces, a huge number of versions and modifications was developed. It was done not only by the original manufacturer, but later also by licence producers. Types of the most popular versions follow: T-54, T-54/55K, OT-54/55, T-54A, T-54B, T-54M, T-55, T-55A, T-55M, T-55AD, and T-55MV. It is designed to fight tanks, combat vehicles, armoured carriers and other enemy armoured tagets. Thanks to gradual modernisations, the use of the tank was being upgraded in terms of its mobility and immediate protection not only of the vehicle itself, but also of its crew. The T-55/54 can be equipped with 100mm cannon, two pieces of 7.62mm machine gun of SGMT or PKT (Russian system) type, or anti-aircraft 12.7mm machine gun of NSV type, all in accordance to the version developed or the grade of modernisation achieved. It crosses water obstacles by fording or an under water ride. In making way in the mine field, the tank can use a hanged demining KMT-6 device and a towed explosive deminer of TRAL type.

Basic Technical Data

  • Combat weight: 36,000 kg
  • Crew: 4
  • Length including cannon: 9,000 mm
  • Length: 6,200 mm
  • Width: 3,270 mm
  • Height: 2,350 mm
  • Road speed: up to 50 km per hour
  • Road operation range: up to 700 km
  • Off-road operation range: up to 450 km
  • Maximum width of obstacle to cross: 2,700 mm
  • Maximum height of obstacle to cross: 800 mm
  • Fording depth (from road ride): up to 1,400 mm
  • Maximum depth of water obstacle: 5,000 mm
  • Firing range of cannon: 6,500 m
  • Firing range of machine gun: 2,200 m
  • Rate of ammunition supply: 43 cartridges for cannon
  • Rate of ammunition supply: 3,500 cartridges for machine gun
  • Rate of ammunition supply: 12 hand grenades

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