Summary of No. 2/2010

VATRT, Viliam; VOJTÍŠKOVÁ, Marie; WEIGEL, Josef. A global and local accuracy of the geopotential model EGM08 on the territory of the Czech Republic. Vojenský geografický obzor. 2010, no. 2, p. 3–5.

NGA USA developed the new geopotential model EGM08 (degree n = 2190, order k = 2160). This paper gives the information about the results of the geopotential model EGM08 testing on the territory of the Czech Republic (global and local solution) and its comparison with geopotential model EGM96. The authors also shortly inform about geopotential models and theory of testing.

JANUS, Petr; KOTVA, Petr. An autonomous (absolute) method of the GPS measurement in a geographical support of the CAF. Vojenský geografický obzor. 2010, no. 2, p. 6–8.

How to determinate position of point with high geodetic accuracy in areas where the geodetic survey control network is missing or was damaged by combat operations? One of the solutions is using autonomous GPS method of survey which can facilitate to determinate control survey point in coordinate reference system WGS84 (G1150). This paper briefly describes procedure how to employ this method in practice.

MIKLOŠÍK, František. To the management of the topohraphic maps quality. Vojenský geografický obzor. 2010, no. 2, p. 9–11.

The article decribes some serious shortcomings and limitation of current control system of published maps quality. For an improvement of a quality management and a usable value of topographic maps the author recommends to use the results of the earlier research project 2.9 MO GŠ/TO from 1995 called „Computerized system of a continuous duality assessment and a usable value of topographic maps“, which wasn‘t in consequence objective and subjective causes used at that time. The results it is possible to use with a certain limitation also to effective quality management for digital models of territory.

JELÍNEK, Josef. Quality and precise meteodata for a period of f ive years. Vojenský geografický obzor. 2010, no. 2, p. 12–18.

Since 2006 the Polom station belongs to the net of the meteorological stations. The article deals with technical equipment of the station and provides f irst statistical data which gives evidence about the weather conditions in the area of Sedloňov in the Eagle mountains.

KOVAŘÍK, Vladimír. Preparation of English education in a military geography and meteorology study programme at the University of Defence. Vojenský geografický obzor. 2010, no. 2, p. 19–20.

The Department of Military Geography and Meteorology at the University of Defence in Brno tries to attract the foreign students. It makes steps towards obtaining the accreditation of the Military Geography and Meteorology study program in English. Creating presentations and study materials. Preparing of the accreditation application for study programs. Other activities.

STRÁNSKÝ, Jan. Cooperation of the Czech Armed Forces and the Czech Police in the f ield of geographical training. Vojenský geografický obzor. 2010, no. 2, p. 21–22.

The geographic products are used by elements of crisis management out of competence of Ministry of Defence. The Geographic Service of the CAF participates in a geographic training of the Czech Police members. The article gives short information about contents and process of this.

NOVOTNÁ, Eva. Database GEOBIBLINE and Vojenský geografický obzor. Vojenský geografický obzor. 2010, no. 2, p. 23–26.

The database is created with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic by unique cooperation between the network of specialized libraries and the National Library and between this network and the libraries of the Academy of Science. It makes accessible approx. 130 thousand bibliographical records of a wide range of 20th and 21st century documents. It experiments with connecting the full texts. A subject electronic bibliography makes also accessible publication activity. It allows research on the development of the geographical f ield in the last 110 years.

DUŠÁTKO, Drahomír. Military geology – its pathfinder and popularizer LtC RNDr. Karel Hlávka. Vojenský geografický obzor. 2010, no. 2, p. 28–31.

Lieutenant Colonel Karel Hlávka was an important personality of military geographical service. He was very active in the field of publicity, implementing and application of geology in Czechoslovak Forces. The article handles about his life, incidence and publication activities in the field of geology.