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Military Chaplaincy of CAF

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By ThLic Tomas Holub – First Chief Chaplain of the Czech Armed Forces, retired Colonel, presently adviser to the Minister of Defence in Military Chaplaincy affairs.

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the page of the Chaplaincy of the Czech Armed Forces. I am convinced that the chance to find web pages of the Military Chaplaincy among other links of the military server gives its own explicit evidence regarding relations of the armed forces with their military chaplains. They are no longer considered as something exotic within the military as they have become a normal part of the military life, paying benefits in peacetime within the Czech Republic, as well as during foreign deployments in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq and Kosovo.

(Written by Tomas Holub in July 2003)


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COL Jaroslav Knichal

Chief Chaplain:
Colonel Jaroslav Knichal Seat and Address: Czech web pages:
phone: +420 973 216 033
mobile: +420 606 604 696
e-mail: COL Jaroslav Knichal
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Military Chaplaincy


Former Chief Chaplain of the Czech Armed Forces: Colonel Jan Kozler:

At the end of September 2006, the first Chief Chaplain of ACR Colonel Tomas Holub, the Roman Catholic Church, who laid the foundations of the Military Chaplaincy in this country, and who had served in his position since 1998, handed over his post and the Scriptures to the hands of Lieutenant Colonel Jan Kozler (* 1976), Czechoslovak Hussite Church, to go on in service for soldiers.

Pictures from the hand-over service at the Military Church of St. Jan Nepomucky in Prague:

Military Church At the centre: Jan Kozler From the left: Tomas Holub and Jan Kozler Church and foreign military chaplaincy's officials attended High Czech Military Officials and Minister of Defence Jiri Sedivy attended

Pictures from the hand-over ceremony at the Archbishop Palace in Prague:

Ceremony at the Archbishop Palace Ceremony at the Archbishop Palace Ceremony at the Archbishop Palace Ceremony at the Archbishop Palace

Basic Information:

Military Chaplains:


  • The Czech military personnel have participated in the International Military Pilgrimage at Lourdes as of 1992.

Military Church of St. Jan Nepomucky in Prague:

Pastoral Centre of the Military Chaplaincy of CAF
at Lulec u Vyskova in the Czech Republic:

Contact person: Colonel Jaroslav Knichal, Phone: +420 973 216 033,
mobile: +420 606 604 696, E-mail:

November 11, 2018