This is the description of the birth of the Czech 6th Field Hospital, originally being the Field Surgical Team serving in favour of three United Nations peacekeeping missions in former Yugoslavia.

Peacekeeping Mission in Croatia from 15 January 1996 to 15 January 1998

UN Transitional Authority for Eastern Slavonia, Baranja and Western Sirmium in 1996 - 1998

100 surgeons, nurses and support personnel participated

The Czech Field Surgical Team (FST), originally serving in and providing medical support for Sector South of UNPROFOR mission in the city of Knin, has been transferred to the Pleso UN Base close to the Zagreb Airport in Croatia to replace the U.S. MASH medical facility in late 1995. Only in March 1996, when issues of medical support for Czech personnel in IFOR Operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina were resolved, the Team was deployed to Eastern Slavonia´s town of Klisa to serve in favour of more than 7,000 personnel in the UNTAES mission. This FST was the core of the later Czech 6th Field Hospital sent out in 1999 to Albania to support AFOR mission.

Commanders of FST in UNPROFOR:

Lieutenant Colonel Dr Miloslav MATOUŠEK, from March 1994 to September 1994, at Knin, Croatia
Lieutenant Colonel Dr Jiří KNĚŽEK, from October 1994 to March 1995, place unchanged
Lieutenant Colonel Dr Mojmír MRVA, from April 1995 to November 1995, place unchanged

Commander of FST in UNCRO:

Lieutenant Colonel Dr Mojmír MRVA, from November 1995 to March 1996, at Pleso UN Base, Zagreb Airport, Croatia

Commanders of FST and later the Czech 6th Field Hospital in UNTAES:

Lieutenant Colonel Dr Mojmír MRVA, from March 1996 to October 1996, at Klisa, Eastern Slavonia, Croatia
Major Dr Pavel BUDÍNSKÝ, from November 1996 to March 1997, place unchanged
Colonel Dr Miloslav MATOUŠEK, from April 1997 to March 1998, place unchanged