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Military magazines

A-REVIEW - semi-annual magazine


Czech Military Review (Vojenske rozhledy)
A quarterly published by the University of Defence in Brno aimed at supporting military-scientific development.

Editor-in-Chief: Martin Dolecek

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A report
A monthly published in Czech by the Communication Department of MoD, Editor-in-Chief: Vladimir Marek. The magazine brings up-to-date information from the Czech military including coverage of events in which the defence department participates. A report


Defence and Strategy (Obrana a strategie)

A theoretical and professional magazine for publishing strategic studies and ideas.

Defence and Strategy


Listy Univerzity obrany (University of Defence News)
An official paper of the University of Defence.( University of Defence News


Military Geographic Review
The magazine of the Geographical Service of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, which is published twice a year. Military Geographic Review
MGR No. 2/2017
MGR No. 1/2017
MGR No. 2/2016
Summary of No. 1/2016
Summary of No. 2/2015
Summary of No. 1/2015
Summary of No. 2/2014
Summary of No. 1/2014
Summaries of 2003 - 2013
Czech Armed Forces Today (publication suspended at the end of 2007)
A former quarterly in both Czech & English languages, published by the Presentation and Information Centre (PIC), Rooseveltova 23, 161 05 Prague 6. Editor-in-Chief: Jan Prochazka. It described soldiers' lives both at their home bases and during foreign deployments in articles and pictures, including comments on current issues related to the Czech military. The quarterly was published from 2004 to 2007. Czech Armed Forces Today




The Czech Republic and its Professional Armed Forces
The book was published in 2006 by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic at the Military Information and Service Agency (Czech acronym: AVIS), Special Purpose Publications Editorial Office. The Czech Republic and its Professional Armed Forces
By Jaroslav Rousar


The book describes situation before, during and after the assassination of Oberguppenführer General SS Reinhard Heidrich, Deputy 'Reich Protektor' of the Nazi Germany for the "Protectorate of 'Böhmen und Mähren'" (Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia), the state formation created by Germany following occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939, before the outbreak of World War 2. The book was published in 2002 by the MoD at the AVIS (= predecessor of the Communication Department of these days). ASSASSINATION Operation ANTHROPOID 1941-1942
  • The book in a DVD format can be sent to you when you request Ms. Natasa Smidkova, Military History Institute in Prague, phone +420 724 801 032.

Updated: July 20, 2018