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Doctrine of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic

The contents of the Doctrine is based on the Security Strategy of the Czech Republic as the fundamental concept document of the country´s security policy. It is also based on the Military Strategy of the Czech Republic thus implementing basic NATO politico-military and operations standards, principles and procedures related to ensuring security of the country and the North Atlantic Alliance by military means.

The updated Doctrine, signed by the Chief of the General Staff of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (ACR), Lieutenant General Pavel Stefka, on December 15, 2004, represents the current way the ACR meets its primary task of securing defence of the country, its sovereignty, and territorial integrity, and in fulfilling the commitments of the Czech Republic to its allies. The Doctrine details principles for planning and conducting operations in which the ACR is capable of participating, either as part of a multinational force or independently. It is a common doctrine for all ACR forces. It creates the framework for the whole ACR doctrinal system and lower doctrines, regulations, instructions and guidelines.

The whole text of the Doctrine is available at Doctrine of ACR - 2004 - *.pdf format.