United Nations Confidence Restoration Operation

Peacekeeping Mission in Croatia from 31 March 1995 to 15 January 1996

Almost 1000 service members of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic


The United Nations peacekeeping mission replaced UNPROFOR in Croatia. This mission was an interim arrangement to create conditions that would facilitate a negotiated settlement consistent with the territorial integrity of Croatia and which would guarantee the security and rights of all communities living in Croatia.

The 2nd Peacekeeping Battalion of the Czech Republic was incorporated in this new UNCRO mission and was located at the Sector South of UNPROFOR, in the area of the Republic of Srpska Krajina within Croatia. Following the Croatian offensive in Western Slavonia in May 1995, and especially following the Croatian offensive in August 1995 the need for UN force presence in the area of the Czech battalion deployment was eliminated, and force withdrawal was initiated in areas under Croatian control.

According to guidance of UN forces command the planned rotation of the battalion personnel in October, 1995 was cancelled and Czech soldiers prepared to assume new tasks. One part of the unit transferred UN material to other units of newly formed UN mission in Eastern Slavonia (UNTAES), and prepared material for transfer to Czech soldiers participating in the IFOR operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One company conducted guard tasks at the Zagreb Airport area. The size of the battalion was reduced to 130, and with termination of UNCRO mission in mid-January 1996, part of the contingent was incorporated into the Czech contingent of UNTAES mission, while other part was added to the Czech contingent in the IFOR operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The remainder returned to the Czech Republic.

Commander of the Czech Battalion in UNCRO Peacekeeping Mission:

Lieutenant Colonel Ĺudovít CIROK

April 1995 to January 1996