Military Regions

Military Regions administer the Military Training Areas.

Map of Military Regions

Military regions are a delimited part of the Czech Republic’s territory designed to be used for the defence of the country and for military training. The region is a Czech territorial administrative unit. The state’s administration of such a military region is executed by the Military Regional Office in accordance with Czech Law No. 222/1999 Coll., related to the defence of the Czech Republic. Each of the four Military Regional Offices is headed by the Chief – an officer of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic – who reports to the Director of the Division of Capabilities Development and Planning of the MoD.

The duties of the Military Regional Office are to implement and ensure the management of military training, as well as taking advantage of the resources of the region for military and economic benefits. Within the boundaries of these military regions, other areas have also been earmarked as Military Training Areas (MTAs).

In compliance with Czech Law No. 15/2015 Coll. regarding military regions, Brdy Military Region was abandoned by the military and the remaining four military regions have been reduced in size as of 1st January 2016. The current total size of all the military regions is 82,333 ha (203,449.3 acres).).

Since 1994, MTAs have been used for the joint exercises and training of the Czech military and its allies, originally under the Partnership for Peace Programme and currently with NATO armed forces. Moreover, since 2001, several national exercises have been conducted in the Czech MTAs by the armed forces of Austria, Belgium, France, Hungary, the Netherlands and the U.S.A.



Military Regional Office BOLETICE

Address: Boletice 3
Boletice u Ceskeho Krumlova
CZ 38101 Cesky Krumlov
Phone: +420 973 327 203
Fax: +420 973 327 222

Area: 16 559 ha


Military Regional Office BREZINA

Address: Vita Nejedleho
CZ 68201 Vyskov
Phone: +420 973 451 842
Fax: +420 973 451 840

Area: 14 983 ha


Military Regional Office HRADISTE

Address: 1. maje c. 3/5
CZ 36006 Karlovy Vary
Phone: +420 973 349 905
Fax: +420 973 349 910

Area: 28 081 ha


Military Regional Office LIBAVA

Address: Namesti 2, Libava - Mesto Libava
CZ 78501 Sternberk 1
Phone: +420 585 043 320
Fax: +420 973 423 156

Area: 22 710 ha

October 7, 2018