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Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

The new organisational structure of the Ministry of Defence is valid as of 1st June 2015.


Seat of the Ministry of Defence in Prague

The Ministry of Defence is the central authority of the state administration for ensuring the defence of the Czech Republic (CR), controls the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (ACR) and administers the military regions.

As the authority for ensuring the nation’s defence, it contributes to the formation of a strategy for the military defence policy of the country, prepares a concept for operations planning of the state territory, propounds necessary defence arrangements to the government of CR, the Defence Council of CR, and the President of CR.

In addition to other duties related to the defence of the country, it calls up citizens of CR to military service in case of war or in case the country is in danger.

It organises co-ordination with armed forces of other countries within NATO and European Union structures.

Ministry of Defence executes its activities in accordance with the Czech Law No. 2/1969 Coll., §16, in later amendments.

August 2, 2015