There are two categories of Reserves of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic according to the new legislation which has been effective as of 1st July 2016.

Reserves of ACR:

  • Soldier in Reserve
    • A soldier, who is dismissed from the military active service.
    • A citizen, who voluntarily assumes the military obligation and succesfully will pass a six-week military training.

    Active Reserve

  • Soldier in Active Reserve
    • A citizen who will file a request to become a member of the Active Reserve at Regional Military Headquarters, is admitted and successfully will pass a six-week military training.
    • A soldier in reserve who, within two years after his dismissal from active service, could be called up to the Active Reserve by a decision of Director of the Regional Military Headquarters.

The formation of the Active Reserve is based on needs of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic and interest of reserve soldiers to serve in military reserve units. The Active Reserve is used for strengthening the Armed Forces active force under a state of emergency, state of war, and when non-military crisis situations occur in order to protect the lives and property of people in the aftermath of natural disasters, to include mitigation of their consequences.

An Active Reserve member receives a yearly benefit of CZK 18,000, increased by CZK 6,000 paid to university students for the first two years of their service. For the time spent at exercises or deployment, the member receives an additional compensation what is a percentage of his or her normal daily income in the civilian sphere, and moreover, they are paid on a daily basis according to their rank. Their civilian employers receive also remuneration depending on type and duration of an exercise or active deployment.

Distinction for Active Reserve members

At present, there are 16 Active Reserve units (levels of platoon, company or units of specialists) affiliated to respective combat units of the Czech Armed Forces, and moreover, a rifle company of Active Reserve is subordinated to any of 14 Regional Military Headquarters.

August 31, 2018