History of Czech Military Participation in Operations Abroad (1990 - 2017)

Being at the right place

Under the cloak of night from August 1 to 2, 1990, Iraqi troops crossed the frontiers of the State of Kuwait and seized its whole territory. The UN Security Council immediately condemned this aggression and U.S. president George Bush began a build-up of a wide international diplomatic and military coalition with the ultimate goal to free the State of Kuwait from the Saddam Hussein regime´s occupation. Soldiers, airmen and marines of the armed forces of many countries were deployed to the Persian Gulf region.

In this country, the Federal Assembly of the Parliament of the (former) Czech and Slovak Federal Republic, made the decision on 23 September 1990 to send a Czechoslovak Chemical Unit to the Persian Gulf region in order to join the anti-Iraqi U.S.-led coalition force set to free the State of Kuwait. Based on that decision, the Czechoslovak military sent 200 soldiers-volunteers to Saudi Arabia during December 11 - 14, 1990.

This was the beginning of a new era of participation of our soldiers in solving crisis situations in the modern history of the Czech state.

The following charts provide the history of Czech foreign deployments which represent the participation of soldiers and airmen in crisis-struck regions. Listed chronologically, it shows the total number of soldiers who participated in the given missions and operations.

Missions and operations accomplished in the period of:

November 15, 2018