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The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic at its mailing address of Tychonova 221/1, CZ 160 01 Prague 6 - Hradcany, is the proprietor and operator of this Internet presence at the . According to Czech laws, policies and regulations, it is authorised to exercise all proprietary rights to the contents, design, technical sketches, graphics, images and their configuration on this Web site.

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Data Protection

Information Gathered and its Use

The proprietor/operator can make access to pages subject to the provision of some private data of the user/visitor. In such a case, these data will be handled in accordance of the Privacy Act detailed in the Czech Law No. 101/2000 Col., regarding the protection of personal data.

Private Data Use

The proprietor/operator does not sell, transfer or disclose personal data to third parties. The data could be disclosed only to meet legal regulations, to protect the integrity of the net, to observe any requirement of the user/visitor or in the case of a judicial inquiry or investigation deemed to be in the public interest.


As is the case with a majority of Internet pages operators, this Web site makes use of cookies. By the use of cookies, the operator can anonymously monitor the number of visitors to these pages. If a user blocks all cookies in his or her browser, this will reduce functionality of the pages.

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The proprietor/operator provides links from to third party sites. These links serve as a convenience to visitors only and the proprietor/operator takes no responsibility for their contents. In visiting the linked sites, the visitor is advised to get information on their respective policies in protecting personal data.

Behaviour of Users

When using these pages, the visitor/user must not infringe their security. The visitor must not make any unauthorized attempt to change, upload or otherwise damage the Web site. The visitor must respect the applicable copyright.

Responsibility and Jurisdiction

Any risks that could arise from the use of this Web site lie with the user. This Internet presence is provided for general information of the public and the proprietor/operator takes no responsibility for its use. Any lawsuit in connection with this Web site will be conducted by the locally appropriate court in the Czech Republic and according to the Czech jurisdiction.

Editorial Office

Editor-in-Chief: Ms. Lucie Ruzkova, Press Section, Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, the mailing address as above; Phones: +420 973 200 123, +420 725 920 433, E-mail: or redakce


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