Wardak - Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team (OMLT ISAF) - 1st Unit

The Czech Republic increases its help to Afghanistan by deploying a new training team called Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team. It was moved together with the Kandak of the Afghan National Army to the province of Wardak in the middle of December 2010 to perform operational tasks. The 1st unit of OMLT was deployed in accordance with Czech government resolution No. 100 dated 19 January 2009, confirmed by resolutions of the House of Deputies No. 985 dated 4 February 2009 and of the Senate No. 99 dated 28 January 2009.

Czech OMLT in Wardak

The ISAF mandate is set by the UN Security Council Resolution No. 1386 in 2001, which authorised ISAF forces to help Afghan government in security issues. The engagement of ISAF forces over the whole territory of Afghanistan was passed by the UN Security Council Resolution No. 1510 in 2003.

OMLT - Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team

The major task of the unit is to train, mentor and help the Afghan rifle unit in a size of battalion (Kandak) of the Afghan National Army in a process of command and control planning. The purpose of this way of training is to upgrade operational capabilities of all units of the Kandak. The goal is to build secure environment, ensure the freedom of movement within the area of responsibility and the setting of conditions for further operations.

The total length of deployment of the 1st OMLT unit in Afghanistan is planned for standard six months, while the first part of the training takes place at the Black Horse Base in Kabul. Here, the Afghan soldiers receive basic training from Czech instructors and both units optimise their basic operational procedures. The training period was accomplished by 16 December 2010 and both Czech and Afghan units moved to the province of Wardak to fulfill standard tasks received from the Afghan National Army command.

The headquarters of the Czech OMLT unit is at present based at the Carwile Base in the southern part of the Wardak Province. Czech and Afghan soldiers in cooperation with American and Afghan soldiers operate from three forward operational bases. The Czech unit is fully equipped and is capable of independent engagement within the given area.

The 1st Czech OMLT unit is formed by 54 soldiers from 14 units of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. More than 60 percent of them are members of the 43rd Airborne Mechanised Battalion, having its home base at Chrudim. The unit is complemented with specialists, for example artillery and air controllers, to meet specific task to be performed.

Lieutenant Colonel Ladislav Svejda

Commander of the 1st Czech OMLT unit

  • Lieutenant Colonel Ladislav Svejda

The unit size:

  • 54 personnel (out of this number there are 16 command and staff officers)




April 5, 2011