Equipment Size in 2011

The following chart contains numbers of major armaments and combat equipment, which is in possession of the Czech military as of 1 January 2011, regardless of its supposed use, placement within combat units, or in storage facilities, its combat capability, or its long- or short-term conservation, or whether the equipment has been offered for sale.


Major Equipment of ACR as of 1 January 2011

1. All versions of T-72 tanks
2. Infantry fighting vehicles
3. Artillery systems of 100 mm caliber and more
4. All versions of SAAB 39 Gripen and L-159 ALCA aircraft
5. All versions of MI-24 (including export types MI-35) helicopters

The countries - parties to the Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE), Vienna Document 1999 (VD-99), and the Global Exchange of Military Information (GEMI) - mutually exchanged the summary information of their armed forces in Vienna on 13 - 15 December 2010.


  • The infantry fighting vehicles includes all combat versions of BMP-1, BMP-2, BPzV, Pandur II 4x4 CZ and armoured personnel carriers of OT-90 and OT-64 types. Eight pieces of BMP-2, six pieces of BVP-1 and three pieces of MI-171S are not included in the total number, because they were, till the end of 2010, deployed outside the zone of application of the above mentioned international documents.
  • The artillery systems of 100 mm caliber and more include all versions of cannons/howitzers of SPGH M77 Dana, rocket launchers RM-70 and mortars ShM 85 and M M1982.
  • Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) sets a "National Level" for each party to the treaty, which is the limit of pieces of armament and combat equipment, the country can possess.
    • The limit for the Czech Republic in categories is the following:
    1. 1. - 957 pieces

    2. 2. - 1367 pieces

    3. 3. - 767 pieces

    4. 4. - 230 pieces

    5. 5. - 50 pieces


  • In addition to armament and combat equipment, which size is limited by treaties, the Czech military also possess to the 1 January 2011 in accordance with CFE, VD-99 and the Global Exchange of Military Information the following items:
    • 10 pcs of training aircraft L-39,
    • 22 pcs of transport and observation aircraft of the following types L-410, An-26, Jak-40, CL-601 Challenger, A-319 CJ, and CASA C-295M;
    • 38 pcs of transport and universal helicopters of the following types MI-8, MI-17 (also MI-171S), and W-3A Sokol;
    • 200 pcs of vehicles with special structures based on infantry fighting vehicles and armoured personnel carriers of various types;
    • 95 pcs of armoured vehicles of types BRDM-2, Dingo 2, and IVECO, which are not subject to CFE and VD-99;
    • 33 pcs of medical vehicles, which are not subject to CFE and VD-99, and where stipulations of the Geneve Convention apply on improvement of conditions of injured and ill military personnel in the field that is dated 12 August 1949;
    • 10 pcs of bridge tanks MT-55A.

Verification and inspections:

Each above mentioned document includes stipulations on quotas of inspections, each party to the document must accept on its territory to verify, whether numbers and categories declared match real pieces:

  • According to CFE, the Czech Republic must accept within a year three inspections in units or requested areas;
  • According to VD-99, the Czech Republic must accept within a year one verification visit and three inspections to a requested area;
  • According to the Open Sky treaty, the Czech Republic must accept within a year up to four observation flights over its territory.

In accordance with the plan of the NATO Verification Coordination Committee the similar number of inspections will be carried out in foreign countries under the lead of the Czech Republic, and Czech inspectors will work in combined teams of NATO countries. Inspectors of the Czech Republic will participate also in implementation of the Dayton Peace Accord and in other disarmament activities in accordance with requests of NATO and OSCE.

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The Equipment Size and its classification was posted: February 22, 2011