Exercise in 2010




The 8th joint exercise FLYING RHINO 2010 of ACR and armed forces of the Great Britain takes place in the Czech Republic during 3 and 21 May 2010. Military personnel from Denmark, Lithuania and Slovakia participate as well.

The exercise is focused on training of forward air controllers and coordination between air force and ground forces that are to be deployed on foreign military operations.

Area of exercise: 22nd Air Base at Namest nad Oslavou, Military Training Areas at Brdy and Libava, air space of Olomoucky, Pardubicky, Jihomoravsky, Moravskoslezsky, Plzensky, Stredocesky and Vysocina regions.

strong>Time: 3 - 21 May 2010

Participation: Armed forces of the Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Slovakia and the Great Britain.

Number of personnel: up to 2 thousand foreign soldiers and up to 1 thousand military personnel from air bases at Namest nad Oslavou, Prerov, Caslav, Prague-Kbely, 25th Air Defence Missile Brigade, 26th Command, Control and Surveillance Brigade, and other units and formations of the Joint Forces of ACR.

Major equipment:

  • Czech:
    • L-159, L-39, Mi-24, SA-6 KUB, RBS-70, ARTHUR artillery radar, Sojka III drones.
  • British:
    • Tornado GR-4, Hawk, Lynx, howitzers 155 mm AS90, mortars 86 mm
  • Lithuanian, Slovak:
    • L-39
  • NATO:
    • E3A AWACS

Directors of the exercise:: Major General Adrian Bradshaw, commander of the 1st Armour Division, and director of units of Czech Joint Forces is Brigadier General Jiri Verner, Deputy Joint Forces Commander - Air Force Commander.

You may visit web pages of the 22nd Air Base at Namest nad Oslavou to see the progress of the exercise



May 21, 2010